According to ancient legend, a painted image of Our Lady of Good Counsel miraculously transported from Albania to Genazzano, Italy in 1467. To this day, Her fresco remains a focal point and place of devotion in the Mother of Good Counsel Church. Numerous miracles from that holy site have been attributed to Her. For the detailed story of her miraculous journey, please click here.


Day: Tuesdays
Time: 7:50 am - 3:40 pm
Registration: open NOW thru Aug 14 (Enrollment fee increases see Fees section below)
Orientation (parent participation mandatory): August 14, 2018
First Day of Class: August 21, 2018
Last Day of Class: May 14, 2019
Please see calendar to for scheduled breaks, holiday's, parties, fee schedule, and other adjustments. We reserve the right to make changes as needed during the year.
Location: St. Patrick Cathedral Religious Formation Building - 1308 Throckmorton St - free parking available

The Angelus and Mass will be attended in the Cathedral at noon by all on campus at that time.

Daily schedule:
8:00 am: Morning courses begin
11:55am: Head to Mass
12:00pm: Angelus and Mass followed by Lunch
1:10pm: Afternoon courses begin
3:40pm: Parent Pick-up* and Thorough clean-up by Volunteer clean-up team

*Parent Pick-up available throughout the day according to student's schedule


Click Here to view courses available

Students may register for whichever courses they choose. No student is obligated to take all the courses offered for his/her age level.

If a student wants to register for a course ABOVE his/her age level, 1) room must be available in the class after Registration day, 2) the parent must acquire approval from the tutor, and 3) the tutor may want to conduct an interview or may request samples of previous work from the student. The tutor is the final decision maker.

Tutors set the minimum and maximum number of students in his/her class.


One-time Enrollment Fee per family (non-refundable) is due at Registration and payable to the co-op. The amount of Enrollment Fee is $125 thru May 31, $150 thru Jun 30, $175 thru Aug 14th and after $200.

Course fees, supply fees, and lab fees are payable directly to the Tutors. Tutors set these costs themselves but are encouraged to stay somewhere between $200 and $400 per year per student.

Payment plan is available for Tutor payments.

The only other additional fees are infractional/disciplinary fines.

The Registrar/Treasurer will manage the revenues and expenses of the co-op as well as the member payment plans. The funds payable to the Tutors will be tracked by the Treasurer before dispersing to the Tutors.


Each parent must volunteer for a minimum number of hours in order to fulfill logistical co-op needs. The Service Hours Coordinator will manage these volunteers and assignments. The amount of hours each parent needs to contribute will depend on the number of families registered. At this time, we estimate that each family will need to volunteer 1 out of every 4 co-op days. The more families who register, the less each family will need to volunteer.

Parental roles may be divided into shifts as needed.

  • 1. Front desk monitor
  • 2. Hall monitors
  • 3. Classroom assistants
  • 4. Study hall monitors
  • 5. Lunch monitoring
  • 6. Mass assistance
  • 7. Childcare

The co-op needs volunteers willing to offer more time for Steering Committee.

All adults who volunteer in the building at any time must have a current Safe Environment certification administered by the Diocese of Fort Worth.